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Generation Name Same name in different dialect
First Shen Monk Bai Mei Chan Monk Pak Mei
Second Shen Monk Gong Hui Chan Monk Kwang Huei
Third Shen Monk Fa Yuan Chan Monk Fah Yuen
Fourth Zhong Li Chuan Chang (Cheung) Lai Chuen
Fifth Zhong Ping Lin
Zhong Ping Sen
Zhong Ping Fa
Wu Nan Jing
Chin Suey Dor
Chang Beng Lum
Chang Beng Sum
Chang Beng Fat
Ng Nam King
Sixth Dr. Yeu Quang Wong   (teachers: Zhong Ping Fa & Wu Nan Jing)

Wu Nan Jing’s calligraphy saying that he taught Dr. Yeu Quang Wong in person.

Dated: mid-summer, 1973, when Wu Nan Jing was president of White Eyebrow Association (Hong Kong)

Wu Nan Jing
(Ng Nam King)

Zhong Ping Fa's authorization bestowed on Dr. Wong to teach in the U.S.A.

Translation:  My excellent disciple, Yiu King Wong (Yeu Quang Wong) first acquired Pai Mei (White Eyebrow) Shaolin through me when he was still a boy and has since practiced it constantly. In my opinion, he has at present well reached our standard which qualifies him as a mature pugilist both in theory and practice. I therefore write this to authorize him to start a new branch of Pai Mei Shaolin in the United States of America.

Dated 5 May 1977.

Chang Beng Fat
Permanent Supervisor of Pai Mei Association (Headquarter), Hong Kong.